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What are the risks faced by children using smartphones and how monqi can help!

15th November 2019

The main objective of monqi is to keep children safe online. Most kids have access to a smartphone today either their own or their parents' and grand-parents’. How can parent control what children do online and be sure that they are safe? Besides online safety, the amount of screen time and the content of the messages exchanged with peers are very important influencers of children’s mental health. Monqi is surely the best solution for keeping your kid safe and well while using a smartphone. You will see, we thought about everything… 

1/The first issue parents are all concerned about is inappropriate content. With smartphones, anyone can have access to images and videos that are violent, pornographic or disturbing. Some pictures, videos, songs can be very hurtful to children and parents want to protect their children from this type of content. With a monqi-powered smartphone, this problem doesn’t exist!

Monqi has a bespoke browser called “Scout”. It proposes only safe content specially filtered for children. Children usually do not even notice that their browser is “safe” because they still can have access to the internet, as anyone would! Moreover, parents can consult their kid’s browsing history, and set time or data restrictions for more controls. For instance, parents can see in their child’s browser history if they try to search for bad content. At this point, parents may decide it is the right moment to engage in a conversation with their child about harmful content. Monqi is your partner for online safety!

Apps on a monqi-powered phone are also safe. On our “Jungle” (where your kid downloads the app on his phone), we have just apps adapted for kids! In any case, your child cannot download an app if you have not approved it so you can always check the ratings and age recommendation before approving it. You can also manage the app with time/data restrictions and know when and how long they are using an app.

2/Safety is also about interactions with other people. Communication is one of the basic functions of a smartphone, even more so now with social networks. Kids are not always aware of the dangers of exchanging written messages with a friend or group of friends. With a smartphone, children are exposed to bullying, harassment, stalking, threats, insults, bad words…

Monqi has a dedicated chat function and you can manage contacts (you allowed/denied them),  see conversations, manage time and receive notifications when he/she has a new message or want to add a new contact. Monqi gives you the possibility to deny or limit the use of social media applications like Instagram or Facebook. Why not set a ground-rule with a young teenager that their use of Instagram is conditioned to their parents being able to check it from time to time? The more healthy habits they develop, the more freedom they can get, just like in real life.

3/Another danger is smartphone addiction. Kids spend an increasing amount of time in front of a smartphone at a younger and younger age. Too much screen time is not healthy for children’s development as highlighted by many physician associations around the world. Kids are more likely to lose contact with their surroundings, sociability, creativity, and concentration. With monqi, you can protect your kids from excessive screen time by locking their phone according to what you think is right for your child.

We believe it is important to start a conversation with your children about internet safety, and clearly explaining to them why you choose monqi!

Join us and be part of the Monqi Family 🙂


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