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Why is the monqi-powered smartphone the best innovative solution for parents and kids?

29th October 2019

Your child wants a smartphone but you are concerned about their online safety? You are not alone! Now, you may think that you will have no control over your child’s activities on their smartphones? But, that is not true anymore. Let us explain why a Monqi-powered smartphone is the best solution for you!

The solution consists of a Monqi app for parents and a Monqi-powered smartphone for children. Thanks to Monqi, parents can control the child's smartphone and its activities as strictly as they deem appropriate. The objective is to block illicit content, to prevent bad habits, to reject unauthorized purchases and to prevent online bullying and much more… Monqi-powered phones have their own browsing, chat and geolocation service.

No worries, kids will love their smartphone: Monqi is still a smartphone with all the functionalities of any smartphone. However, to keep your kid away from risks, you are able to manage different settings such as screen time, you can set limits on apps, approve or disapprove contacts and apps. If you’d like, you can also receive alerts of any of their activities online. Finally, you can follow your child thanks to the geolocation functionality and receive alerts of their movements. Of course, you are free to adapt the level of control according to your needs.

All features of a Monqi-powered phone are specifically tailored to a child but it is still a smartphone with all functionalities. It is the best compromise to make your child happy and safe while giving you a total peace of mind. It is also a good way to initiate a discussion on internet safety and stay close to your lovely kid!

Join us and be part of the Monqi Family 🙂

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